Kafrex.co.uk has been building our distribution aptitudes to offer an incorporated logistics solution that covers a broad spectrum of value-added custom-made services including express delivery, warehousing and distribution services to match up their business needs proficiently.

We work out operating tactics to create comprehensive transportation networks with efficient approaches, service levels and cost structure. We are perfectly supported by a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts who design custom operating models that line up with a blueprint, network policy and demand of customers for efficient administration of extensive accomplishment and procedure of shipping. In order to manage the supply chain and cross channel order request, we facilitate our clients who are retailers with the Omni channel service.

Here at Kafrex.co.uk, we understand every business is unique and as its requirements. We believe in helping our clients in identifying and understanding logistics synergy prospects, including network explanation and course regularity by developing special custom plans for unification and acquisition amalgamation.

With Logistics & Distribution, we evaluate your business needs

In order to cater to all your business needs, we help you to integrate appropriate facts and figures and offer crucial metrics on transport spend, study, potential and hauler performance via a using a Software as a Service (SaaS) deliverance mock-up to diminish the weight on IT.

We have years of expertise in shipping administration system, information management and selling aptitude along with scientific incorporation exertions that help us to assist our clients with custom logistics solutions. We strive to pick up and computerize the logistic process.

With Logistics & Distribution, we help you to enhance profit             

Our foremost objective behind offering warehousing and distribution services is to help you to enhance the business profit. In the direction of achieving this objective, we build up and accomplish sourcing freight policies to take full advantage of sourcing process and carry out systematically determined scenario analysis to optimize funds. In addition, we make sure savings with complete support and profit tracking equipments.

With Logistics & Distribution service from Kafrex, you can expect – 

  • Pick up lead-time of clients
  • Minor buffer catalogs from more dependable transport
  • Enhanced gross margin return on stock venture whilst growing profits by helping demand the supply chain system of inventory
  • Speed up synergy capture in the occurrence of amalgamation or attainment
  • Enhanced procedure competence
  • Fewer carriers to supervise
  • Enhance capability to set up interior and exterior standards

Give us a call or drop a mail with your Logistics & Distribution and we will get back to you with a perfect solution.

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