Transferring money globally cost less at We are highly committed to transfer your money wherever you desire as quickly as potential. It’s easy and inexpensive to send cash between UK and DR. We can send money globally to other destinations as per your special request. We enable our clients to send money transfer request from the convenience of your home or office. We schedule fast and secure money transfer from one store to another store to deliver your money internationally. Here at, we proudly maintain many stores at different locations to make our service even fast, efficient and safe.

Depending on the distance and order, we suggest an estimated time for the delivery. If it is a time sensitive matter, we offer same day international money transfers. We are a follower of cutting-edge technologies and allow our clients to avail the advantages of technologies. Our special services are accessible to both domestic and international locations. Count on to be the fast, inexpensive and secure way to send money wherever you want to. Focus on other better things in your life and leave this burden on us.

Once you deliver your cash to one store, a receiver will be liable to receive that. And it is your responsibility to drop your cash. to our store within given time frame. We can also transfer the money directly to the bank account. However, if you don’t have time to visit our pick-up and drop-off store, let us make the whole process even more convenient for you. Our experts can collect the money direct from your office or home. In addition, we can deliver the money to your given destination. Here at, we don’t focus on margin, but offering professional services within no time as per your expectations. Please fill the form and give us details such as receiver’s name and address, money delivery method, amount and more. We will give you a price quote and expected delivery time instantly.

Here at Kafrex, we offer –

  • Fast and safe money delivery
  • Easy money delivery options – Cash and bank account
  • Door to door pick-up and drop-off facility available

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